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Puppies are here - More photos to come

7 puppies, healthy and strong. Lots of variety and color. Ollie and Emma shown below with their prior litter.

  Doodle Patch Farm LLC

The breeder of choice for your next best friend

Charles Schultz famously said, “Happiness is a warm puppy.”  I would add that the unconditional love of a dog is pure joy.  We at Doodle Patch Farm believe that dogs make our lives better.  Dogs make us better humans.  With careful attention to genetics, we strive to produce healthy, well structured, happy dogs with great temperaments.  We specialize in AKC registered English Cream Golden Retrievers, as well as Goldendoodles, Mini Goldendoodles, Aussiedoodles and Mini Aussiedoodles...

Because we strive to obtain the healthiest breeding stock and handle our puppies from the first week, and work to expose the puppies to frequent handling, noises and other stimuli, our puppies can be suitable for service or therapy dogs.

Highly recommend!!!
We are so happy with Doodle Patch Farm! Patty and the family were so nice throughout the process. Our little puppy is growing up quickly and we couldn’t be happier!

Anticipated and Current Litters

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OFA certifications, genetic testing, and pedigrees are listed under OUR BREEDING DOGS.

You are welcome to fill out a puppy application at any time, however generally we do not take deposits on puppies until we have a confirmed pregnancy. We will base the pick list on the best estimated number of puppies.

Current Litter: May 2nd, 2024 - Emma and Ollie- Mini / small Aussiedoodles- 20-30lbs.

Mom is a red Merle Aussiedoodle (40 pounds). Dad is a miniature Parti poodle (16 pounds). Pups will be colorful, cute, intelligent and easy to train. Genetic testing also confirmed low to no shedding. Dad is fully OFA (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) for hips, elbows, patella and cardiac certified- including CAER (companion animal eye registry).

Pups will be ready to go end of June, early July. The pick list has started!Please go to BRING ONE HOME to learn more.

1.) Cindy S - First pick - Female

2.) Patricia W. - Second Pick - Female

3.) Patricia U. - Third Pick - Female

4.) Pamela S. - Fourth Pick - No Gender Preference

5.) Jesus C. - Fifth Pick

6.) _________________________________

7.) _________________________________

Emma and Ollie's previous litter

Expecting: May 25th, 2024 - Ivy and Alfie- Mini Goldendoodles - 15-20 pounds

Oh my goodness! We can’t wait! These two! Ivy and Alfie. One looks like a teddy bear, the other looks like a Panda bear. They are Mark Antony and Cleopatra, Johnny Cash and June Carter, Ross and Rachel, and can be Bonnie and Clyde in the flower beds. They are inseparable. They are the sweetest and most adoring couple. This true “puppy love” will manifest at the end of May. Ivy and Alfie are expecting a litter of Mini Goldendoodles - 20- 25 pounds of fluffy, happy, lovable energy. We expect plenty of color (genetic testing results are great) and charming personalities! This is their first litter and we really can’t wait! Stay tuned!

The pick list has started! Please go to BRING ONE HOME to learn more.

1.) Kyle R. - First Pick

2.) Chad S. - Second Pick - Female

3.) _________________________________

4.) _________________________________

Expecting: May 25th, 2024 - Luna and Jett-  Standard Aussiedoodles 70-80 pounds.

Exceptional comprehensive health testing results, wonderful temperaments, eager to please, and strikingly colorful good looks, make Luna and Jett the perfect couple.  Their previous litter of ten showed that these two produce trainable, intelligent, colorful (several Red or Blue Merles), athletic puppies.  Jett is a Phantom black and white standard Parti poodle.  Luna is a Blue Merle Standard Australian Shepherd with blue eyes.  Previous litters have been 60-85 pounds mature weight.  These puppies will be loyal little Einsteins. . . until they're BIG Einsteins!  They are truly the smartest puppies we have started in training.

The pick list has started! Please go to BRING ONE HOME to learn more.

1.) Julia D. - First Pick - No Gender preference

2.) Rebecca M. - Second Pick - Female

3.) Kelly L. - Third Pick - No Gender Preference

4.) _________________________________

5.) _________________________________

6.) _________________________________

Luna and Jett's previous litter


Past Litters:

• All puppies from Sherman & Pearl 5 Cream Golden Retriever pups born January 4th have been placed.

• All puppies from Luna & Jett have been placed.

These Aussiedoodle puppies were born on July 5th and started leaving August 30th. The last puppy was homed on 10/11/23.

• All puppies from Ollie and Emma have been placed

May 19 litter of  8 Mini Aussiedoodles (adult weight 20-25 pounds). Eight lovely vigorous and colorful F1B mini Aussiedoodles  at They have all been placed.

• All puppies from Sherman and Willow's litter have been placed.

Six beautiful Cream Golden Retrievers.  Five boys and one girl. Arrived February 26th, 2023

• All puppies from Auggie and Pearl have been placed.

Auggie and Pearl brought us seven beautiful Goldendoodle pups. Six girls and one boy. One is now in our Guardian Home program. Arrived March 5th

• All puppies from Auggie & Luna (born Dec. 9th) have been placed

Eight puppies from Auggie and Luna have been placed with lovely families in Austin Texas, Waynesville Ohio, Northeast Ohio and Greater Dayton Ohio.

Our Farm and Family We raise loving puppies to be welcomed from our home to yours.

Our puppies are raised on a small hobby farm with four horses and eight adult dogs.  We have lived in our century home for 25 years where we raised three children and several dogs and horses.  We love the lifestyle of a hobby farm.  We find satisfaction in the daily chores which allow us to see the beauty in every sunrise and sunset. 

Our Dogs

Whether you choose an English Cream Golden Retriever, or a Goldendoodle or Aussiedoodle, we at Doodle Patch strive to breed only the dogs with the best genetics, personalities and conformation. We want all of our puppies to be enjoyed as a member of your family for many years to come.

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Spring litters of Mini Aussiedoodles in Ohio. Standard and small Aussidoodles arrive May 25th, 2024

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Good Dog Certified Breeder

Doodle Patch Farm has passed rigorous standards to become a Good Dog Breeder through the Good Dog breeder screening process.

Every breeder on Good Dog is individually screened and recognized for responsible breeding practices. Our breeding program has been evaluated in five key areas – (1) breeding practices, (2) physical health of the breeding dogs & puppies, (3) mental health of the breeding dogs & puppies, (4) housing environment, and (5) buyer education & policies.

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